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 ANZ Modular founding director and Chief Executive Barry Ramsay has more than 45 years of construction industry experience. He is a specialist in prefabricated steel-frame construction and thrives on complex project management.

Barry is well-known in the New Zealand construction industry for his expertise in advanced 3D and 4D technologies - and more widely as a pioneer of lean construction techniques in the United Kingdom. He contributed to the first BIM-co-ordinated project in New Zealand - the $130 million Meade Clinical Centre at Waikato Hospital in 2013.

Passionate about helping Kiwis to add value, lower costs and reduce risks on their building projects, Barry and our team expertly unite the benefits of lightweight steel modular structures with those of conventional construction.

Our modular prefabrication system speeds up construction of building projects by up to 50 per cent while reducing costs, enhancing accuracy, and integrating sustainability.

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ANZ Modular is a smart prefabrication choice for:


  • Aged care and retirement accommodation

  • Hospitals and medical centres

  • Hotels and motels

  • Schools

  • Student accommodation


Through collaborating with several leading New Zealand designers and architects, our team is engaged on an exciting 84-unit residential apartment building project in Auckland. The proposed development will incorporate office, retail spaces, apartments and off street parking.

Hotel Modules.png

New Projects at various Design Stages 2021

Hotel Modules 1 Floor.png
Apartment Modules - Albany.png
Project 1.png
Project 4.png
Project 3Flr-1.png
Gorge Rd Hotel Swiss.png
NBH Model.png
Apartment Modules.png
Apartments Howick 1.png
Apartments Howick Internal Corridor.png
Apartments Howick.png
Hotel Modules - Basement Parking.png

Student Accommodation - Christchurch

Apartments - Auckland

Hotel - Chritchurch

Apartment Module - Auckland

Apartments - Auckland

Apartments - Auckland

Apartments - Auckland

ICU Hospital Module

Apartments - Auckland

Hospital Ward

Hotel - Auckland

Chassis design Gorge Rd.png

Hotel Queenstown

Apartments - Auckland

Hospital Kiribati




Concept Planning

Our early involvement in the concept planning stages of your new build or refurbishment project maximises the ANZ Modular benefits. This stage not only provides an overall look and feel of the finished building models, it explores innovative technical options to suit your purpose and budget.


Architectural Design

Our design team progresses your preferred concept design to provide you with an accurate description of the finished modules - complete with fixtures, fittings and furniture.

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Detailed Design

Our technical building services experts have engaged with territorial authorities throughout New Zealand to establish means of design and documentation for compliance with building rules and regulations. This ensures the consenting process for projects is straightforward and affordable.


Robotic Assembly Lines

We are currently developing our Robotic Plant. This will enable a very fast welding process to the assembly of the steel chassis. This involves the latest technology in both the robots and software. An additional feature will be the use of overhead Laser Scanners projecting down onto the work floor the dimensions of the required chassis to within 1mm.



Made right here in New Zealand

Modular chassis for Hotels, Student Accommodation, Apartments, Hospitals and many other building spaces are manufactured at one of our New Zealand-based assembly plants before being transported to a construction site for installation.


ANZ Modular uses a prefabricated prefinished volumetric construction (PPVC) method in which computer-aided fabrication ensures a high degree of accuracy and consistency.


Steel fabrication leader and partner, Grayson Engineering, provides engineering expertise for assembling each chassis and for the final, on-site rigging of the modules.

ANZ Modular is currently developing Robotic Systems for the assembly of the chassis. This will increase production up to 1,000 chassis per year per plant. This will put our production capability inline with many overseas modular companies.


Precision prefabrication - along with a unique system, UMC®, which simplifies horizontal and vertical connections - leads to a smooth and efficient construction phase. This is a significant benefit for multilevel and large or complex buildings.


This system lowers health and safety risks for on-site construction teams.  An example of this is how an external façade can be fitted at ground level before erection, reducing the amount of work required to be done at height.



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